Aaron Counts

With big guts Counts writes poems that are vivid—the language, sometimes a distinct mixture of empathy and gore. On subjects of hip-hop influence, the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and his sparse Central District “Love Story” postcard poems, he is resolute in his depictions and accounts of dearth and inner-city blues. Strange-tongued Names represents an eloquent reflection on urban life.

Aaron Counts, lead artist for Creative Justice, understands the transformative power of art. He has written and read with professors, prisoners, dropouts, and scholars. He is a co-author of the non-fiction text Reclaiming Black Manhood, and a long-time lecturer on the subject of race and social justice. His writing has recently appeared in Specter magazine, Bestiary, Aldebaran Review and Rufous City Review. Aaron holds an MFA from the University of British Columbia.

ISBN: 978-0-9915514-8-4
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