Austin Sanchez-Moran

“The poems in Rhinocerotica are inventive yet tender. In the end, I do not know if I am the rhino, and the poems want me to see my larger connection with the world—or, if the rhino is made human, so I, a human, will pay attention, and so I fail the earth once again. In these poems, the Rhino is an “I” and an “I” in a rhino’s body. Taking from Dorothea Lasky, these poems are “so close to a self (or the self)—and so far away from it at the same time—that the reader can’t help but see a real self in it.” These poems are full of magic and everydayness made brilliant by the rhino. I love the work the chapbook makes me do.”  ~ Final Judge, Tyree Daye

Austin Sanchez-Moran is a teacher and writer who received his MFA in Poetry from George Mason University. His poems and short fiction have been published in RHINO Poetry, Denver Quarterly, and Salamander Magazine, among many others. He also has had poems and short fiction chosen for the anthologies, Best New Poets of the Midwest (2017) and Best Microfiction 2020, respectively. He published his first poetry collection, Suburban Sutras (Finishing Line Press), 2021.