Backbone Poetry Journal – December 2012

Edited by: L. Lamar Wilson

“At the heart of every poem I love are images that haunt,
delivered by a voice I trust. Rachel Cruz, Melinda Dubbs,
Rodney Gomez, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Peycho Kanev, Joy KMT,
Pamela Taylor, and Gideon Young have ensnared me with
the scenes into which I was thrust, with the anger, ache,
and thrill they’ve shared. I hope you, too, are moved to return,
again and again, to probe just how they managed to make you
smile, wince, melt and muse.”

Two Poems
Rachelle Cruz

Tsavo Man-Eater
Melinda Dubbs

The Method
Rodney Gomez

Two Poems
Alexis Pauline Gumbs

One Poet in Chicago
Peycho Kanev

Party People

Fan Letter to Spiderman
Pamela Taylor

Teacher Pockets
Gideon Young

Review: Marcus Wicker’s Maybe The Saddest Thing
Adrienne Christian