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Since our launch in 2012, Backbone has published distinct, engaging chapbooks by emerging and established poets. Our press, titles, and authors have been featured in interviews, podcasts, and reviews throughout various literary venues. Many thanks to those who support and highlight our work.

Memory of a Girl by Aozora Brockman reviewed by Naoko Fujimoto
Rhino Poetry

Wings Knitted from Thin Ribbons of Wind: Dante Di Stefano reviews Faisal Mohyuddin’s
The Riddle of Longing
Best American Poetry Blog

Meet the Press: Dante Di Stefano in Conversation with Crystal Simone Smith of with Backbone Press
Best American Poetry Blog

In The Margins E8: Diversity in Print: An Interview with Backbone Press
Tate Street;

“Our niche is cultural writing, not just poetry, by African American writers. We need more venues and spaces focusing on diversity.” from Best American Poetry’s Meet the Press

Lit Bridge: Tyree Daye’s Sea Island Blues

Speaking of Marvels: Interviews about chapbooks, novellas, and other shorter forms  

In the Land of Tropical Martyrs by Dariel Suarez
7 x 7 kwansabas by Tara Betts
Trace Particles by Allison Joseph
Sea Island Blues by Tyree Daye
Memory of a Girl by Aozora Brockman

Cultural Front: Treasure Redmond’s and Tara Betts’ chapbooks

Midwest Writers Workshop: Interview with poet Allison Joseph