We are interested in language that is elegant and provocative; poetry that informs and engages us in broader cultural conversations.

Rights and Guidelines

We seek unpublished work. Simultaneous submissions are ok, just let us know your manuscript is under consideration by more than one publisher. Payment is publication and author copies.

Chapbook Submissions

Much thanks to those who submitted to our Spring 2018 open reading period. We are pleased to announce the selection of “Between the Shadow & the Soul” by Mariam Gomaa.

The poems in Between the Shadow & the Soul explore a common human struggle, one most true for the immigrant, to reason in an unreasonable universe. There’s the light in one who yearns for the future and the shallow darkness faced—as Mariam Gomaa utters, a guest in both my countries. Gomaa’s first chapbook of poetry is elegant yet visceral, a quiet punch. It serves as a map to define womanhood, precisely Muslim womanhood, and Arabic phrases navigate us through this universe of diasporic laments and traumatic memories… “sawt al mara’a thawra” meaning “a woman’s voice is a revolution.”

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