Available Fall 2017…


The Ocean Between Us, Beatriz Fernandez

The Ocean Between Us is a collection of poems wrapped in memories and language. Beatriz Fernandez artfully weaves together dazzling imagery and alluring sounds to create concrete visions of Puerto Rico, Florida, and a geography of loss. With the ability to use the perfect words to describe imperfect times, she poses questions that pierce the human spirit. Unsure of the answer, this is a book of poetry that is rich with the “embryonic code of things to come.” Pre-Order Your Copy via PayPal!

The Riddle of Longing, Faisal Mohyuddin

In form and free verse, Faisal Mohyuddin delivers truth on behalf of the displaced. The Riddle of Longing is wrought with ripped apart families, exile, walls, “nights empty as baskets,” and the journey ahead that promises to be weighed down by hunger. There are mothers who would say to their children, “Stay with one another in blood harmony,” but they couldn’t. These polished and powerfully controlled poems make you want to scream in frustration at the unjust world, but they also enlighten us. Pre-Order Your Copy via PayPal!