Featured Poem

~from Drapetomania
black persists

Black steams the current cosmology without a biblical machine/ a paradox spasm/ politics within a banjo binds the dishonest imperative/the ground treks beneath the seabell/the ancient symmetry/ a spur persists against its opposite/tongues scandalize the union/speaks the theater of colored ways/ interprets the lisps of the sorry demise/ water fountains disordered colored/ how will the river tame slaves/slaves buried underneath the constitution/the past flowers into fire/ a lie overwhelms a correct inheritance/boats imprison black within the hired angle/the century betrays colored/allocates a rabid crowd inside a persistent settled memory/the truth belongs to persistence before persistence changes memory/every skin illustrates memory/ the retired rage reposes against the hardy slue/ trees pulse in the rose rain/ can this illegal contract purchase trees/hanging holds trees/trees collapse beneath the terrible orbit/ bone disturbs light a gloaming in the assaulted geography/why won’t hate smell his warped horror/tongues misinterpret a seen monopoly/night deletes/night corrects shade/ night teaches shade after the immense dawn/ forced beds clang under the sick age/sun changes the unwise crop/ memory tools the oar